Use Of Vinegar For Weight Reduction

Vinegar has been using for fat burning for decades. By the time people researched about the apple cider vinegar and its benefits for weight loss along with a reduction in abdominal fat. With the research, it has been approved the apple cider vinegar reduces sugar spikes if it’s been taken before a meal. Still, many studies have been awaited to prove that apple cider vinegar actually works in weight reduction.

However, you can deny the fact that vinegar adds sparkling flavor plus with the benefit belly reduction. Vinegar provides only 3 calories per tbsp. How to use vinegar for weight loss has been mentioned below:

Vary Your Vinegar

Many types of vinegar are available in the market these days including white, brown and fruit infused vinegar. There are also available of fruit infused vinegar like blueberry, blackberry, and ginger, coconut, etc. which surely enhances your meal’s flavor.

Favorite Low-Calorie Dressings

By using variation available in the market, you can make your salad or meal more interesting. Add your favorite sauces and vinegar plus less oil you can create a perfect salad which also reduces in inches. There are many recipes available on social media from which you can get an idea for a delicious meal. It is nothing tough in it just adds the herbs, oil, sauces, and vinegar onto your meal or salad and can also add some grilled veggies.

Fish with vinegar

If you tend to lose weight, then fish is the best thing for you and for that you don’t need a special flavor from the market just to add vinegar to splash the taste. Vinegar and fish make the delicious combination and for low calories meal grill the fish rather than deep frying it.

Flavor up your Veggies

We all find veggies boring on the other side they are very good for weight loss. However, make things interesting for you and add vinegar to your veggies to make it tasty.Try to add different flavors of vinegar and add your favorite one on veggies, with the herbs and extra spices it will surely encourage you to eat again.

Sandwiches trick

Try to avoid the double dragon sandwiches filled up with cheese and mayo. Instead of this add boiled chicken with the vinegar on it plus some grilled veggies and your extra spices which make it interesting.

Add Flavor in Beans

Much salt is also not good and increases weight, instead of using salt, add vinegar in your beans at the end. This will enhance the taste of the beans.

Marinate with vinegar

Marinate your meat or chicken with vinegar it not only add flavor to it but also helps to tenderize the meat and easy and quick to cook.

Seasoning Stir-Fry

Different vinegar can be added to different dishes to enhance the flavor. You can add rice vinegar in steamed brown rice to get a perfect flavor.

Vinegar on fruits

Balsamic vinegar adds a disaster to your taste buds when it’s added to the fruits. This combination will make you eat again and again.


Here Are A Few Substitutions Of Cream That You Can Try

A spoonful of cream can be used to change the texture and flavor of many things like your coffee or your tea. But cream is calorie dense and as not healthy fat. One tablespoon of cream has almost 50 calories and almost 5 gram of fat. Whether you are trying to avoid heavy cream, or you don’t have cream, there are many alternatives you can use instead of cream, which can give you the taste and texture of cream with fewer calories and more nutrients. Like if you are in a pinch and need urgent cream here are some of the substitutes you can use:

Soft Tofu:

Tofu provides lower fat, no dairy alternative of cream. Depending on the type of tofu it can create much different consistency in your dishes. Soft tofu can create a light texture cream, and extra firm tofu can create a thicker option. Tofu is made from soya bean milk and is packed with many nutrients like protein, iron, and calcium. Plus the point is that it is cholesterol free so it can be a great substitute for cream.

Coconut Milk:

Coconut milk comes with the creamy texture and sweet taste according to some people it may be a bad thing, but that’s not the case it is packed with many nutrients and minerals. Also, it boosts the immune system. Like tofu, coconut milk comes in many varieties, and it has many essential minerals like vitamin C and iron, which are not present in the cream. Due to its naturally sweet flavor, it is best with the sweet dishes and desserts. It is the best substitute for cream and can be used in many things as it has thick creamy texture and also comes with a sweet taste.

Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt is low in fat, high in protein another great alternative for heavy cream. We simply have to add a little water or milk to create the same texture, and the low-fat content of Greek yogurt makes it the best substitute for cream. By using the Greek yogurt, we can achieve the final product to be more moist and dense. Another great benefit of Greek yogurt is that it is high in calcium and calcium is good for strong bones and strong muscles. If you mix Greek yogurt with whole milk, it can add more flavor and in richness in taste.


Eggs provide lower fat and easy to achieve substitute of cream. Add one whole egg, or egg white can provide a half cup of cream. To get the creamy texture of the egg, we have to beat the whole egg or egg white until it gets all white and creamy now they are ready to add to your recipe.

Whether you don’t have cream or you are trying to avoid cream these all alternatives are really good and can be easily used. Many of them are already present in your kitchen so if you are low on cream just grab one of them.

Get Flawless Skin With The Miracle Cream Revealed On Shark Tank

Shark Tank is one reality American TV show which is not only entertaining, but also provides you with important lessons. Anyone can learn from those lessons whether you are a businessman, an entrepreneur, a college student, a management student or a normal person. You can learn the convincing skills as well as the presentation skills which will be very beneficial in the corporate world. This show comprises of a group of investors who are also called as the sharks, and they all are looking forward to get the product or service which will be beneficial for their business. They are always ready to spend their millions of dollars to buy any product which can be successful in the market. The show also features aspiring entrepreneurs who have started their business on a small scale and are looking forward to get some financial as well as business oriented help from the investors. These entrepreneurs try their luck to get the best deal from the investors which could help them to grow their business. Some of them end up getting the best deal of their lifetime where as some of them return to their home empty handed.

Sisters and the sharks

The show created a history when two South Korean sisters Angela and Yoojin Kim entered the show and grabbed the best deal of their life for their anti aging cream shark tank. This show is known for its amazing offers as well as for brutal advices and heart breaking comments. But all of it changed when both Korean sisters appeared on Shark Tank. Both the sisters had already captured the entire South Korean beauty market with their products, but they wanted more out of it and wanted to launch their skincare line on an international platform.

Shark Tank has provided them with the platform that they were looking for. As both the sisters begun the presentation for their cream, all the five sharks seem interested in their product. They offered various deals to the sisters. After a long conversation and negotiation, both the sisters agreed on the final amount of $2.5 million dollars and 25% of the company and the deal was sealed on it. Both the sisters were very happy after they got the best deal of the shark tank history. Later the episode turned out to be the most watched episode of the shark tank history.

Miracle cream

With the help of sharks, both the sisters are now finally launching their skincare line with Amore Skin on an international level. They also explained the benefits of their cream which are:

  • It helps in reducing the fines lines and wrinkles from your face. You can apply the cream directly on those parts of your face which need some tightening. Fine lines and wrinkles are mostly seen on your forehead, around your eyes, and around your lip region.
  • The cream also contains collagen, which helps your skin to become young and look attractive. The level of collagen in your skin makes it elastic, soft, and glowing.