Use Of Vinegar For Weight Reduction

Vinegar has been using for fat burning for decades. By the time people researched about the apple cider vinegar and its benefits for weight loss along with a reduction in abdominal fat. With the research, it has been approved the apple cider vinegar reduces sugar spikes if it’s been taken before a meal. Still, many studies have been awaited to prove that apple cider vinegar actually works in weight reduction.

However, you can deny the fact that vinegar adds sparkling flavor plus with the benefit belly reduction. Vinegar provides only 3 calories per tbsp. How to use vinegar for weight loss has been mentioned below:

Vary Your Vinegar

Many types of vinegar are available in the market these days including white, brown and fruit infused vinegar. There are also available of fruit infused vinegar like blueberry, blackberry, and ginger, coconut, etc. which surely enhances your meal’s flavor.

Favorite Low-Calorie Dressings

By using variation available in the market, you can make your salad or meal more interesting. Add your favorite sauces and vinegar plus less oil you can create a perfect salad which also reduces in inches. There are many recipes available on social media from which you can get an idea for a delicious meal. It is nothing tough in it just adds the herbs, oil, sauces, and vinegar onto your meal or salad and can also add some grilled veggies.

Fish with vinegar

If you tend to lose weight, then fish is the best thing for you and for that you don’t need a special flavor from the market just to add vinegar to splash the taste. Vinegar and fish make the delicious combination and for low calories meal grill the fish rather than deep frying it.

Flavor up your Veggies

We all find veggies boring on the other side they are very good for weight loss. However, make things interesting for you and add vinegar to your veggies to make it tasty.Try to add different flavors of vinegar and add your favorite one on veggies, with the herbs and extra spices it will surely encourage you to eat again.

Sandwiches trick

Try to avoid the double dragon sandwiches filled up with cheese and mayo. Instead of this add boiled chicken with the vinegar on it plus some grilled veggies and your extra spices which make it interesting.

Add Flavor in Beans

Much salt is also not good and increases weight, instead of using salt, add vinegar in your beans at the end. This will enhance the taste of the beans.

Marinate with vinegar

Marinate your meat or chicken with vinegar it not only add flavor to it but also helps to tenderize the meat and easy and quick to cook.

Seasoning Stir-Fry

Different vinegar can be added to different dishes to enhance the flavor. You can add rice vinegar in steamed brown rice to get a perfect flavor.

Vinegar on fruits

Balsamic vinegar adds a disaster to your taste buds when it’s added to the fruits. This combination will make you eat again and again.


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